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September 2019: Book of the Month

My favourite September book!

It’s the end of the year’s third quarter, and with autumn and winter cozy times will start soon! But first, let’s look back at September and what I read:

The books

  1. Redemption in Indigo // Karen Lord
  2. Die Elster auf dem Galgen // Alhierd Bacharevic
  3. Makarionissi // Vea Kaiser
  4. Zeige deine Klasse // Daniela Dröscher
  5. Schlusslichter // Georges Simenon

This means that, in September I read authors from 5 different countries and 60% women. I think I’m doing pretty okay with my reading diversity.

The winner

My two favourite books of the five were Redemption in Indigo and Makarionissi – I will give the title of Book of the Month to Makarionissi though, which also makes this the second time it’s held by one of Vea Kaiser’s books. I can’t wait to read the next one by her!

Makarionissi // Vea Kaiser
Makarionissi // Vea Kaiser

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