• The Ministry Of Utmost Happiness // Arundhati Roy
    EN,  Fiction

    The Ministry Of Utmost Happiness // Arundhati Roy

    Oh, what a disappointment this book was. I read The God Of Small Things many, many years ago and still have fond memories of it, but while I got through The Ministry Of Utmost Happiness, I couldn’t find my way…

  • Moon Of The Crusted Snow // Waubgeshig Rice
    EN,  Fiction

    Moon Of The Crusted Snow // Waubgeshig Rice

    Moon Of The Crusted Snow is a dystopian novel set in a Canadian First Nations community, and it was my choice for the Canadian novel on my tour around the world. Canada (or the world, this is not completely clear)…

  • The Murdering Of My Years // Mickey Z.
    EN,  Non-Fiction

    The Murdering Of My Years // Mickey Z.

    There are plenty of biographies about artists who “made it” – who have become famous, made a fortune, and whom we can use as a tableau to dream about how we, too, could be kissed by luck and get rich…

  • Fahrenheit 451 // Ray Bradbury
    EN,  Fiction

    Fahrenheit 451 // Ray Bradbury

    Yes, I have gone through my life, including a B.A. in English and American Studies, without ever reading Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Now I have, and what can I say? It’s not the worst book I have ever held…

  • Becoming // Michelle Obama
    EN,  Memoirs,  Non-Fiction

    Becoming // Michelle Obama

    If you are at all interested in the literary world, it is nearly impossible to get around Michelle Obama’s (who, by the way, has two ivy league degrees) memoir Becoming. If, like me, you studied political science with a focus…

  • The Road of Lost Innocence // Somaly Mam
    EN,  Memoirs,  Non-Fiction

    The Road Of Lost Innocence // Somaly Mam

    Time to take off for my journey through the C-countries! We’re starting in Cambodia*, with a book that is subtitled The True Story Of A Cambodian Heroine. Ah, well. It turns out that there is quite some controversy about what…

  • Around the World,  EN,  Lists

    B-Countries… finished!

    I did not realise there were so many countries starting with the letter B, but I guess you never stop learning. I started reading in July 2019 with a book from The Bahamas (now, during corona lockdown, just writing about…

  • Written in Black // K.H. Lim
    EN,  Fiction

    Written in Black // K.H. Lim

    Brunei is a tiny country on the island of Borneo that I know basically nothing about. You can imagine my delight that it was quite easy to find a recently published book in English. My delight persisted as the book…

  • The Passengers // John Marrs
    EN,  Fiction

    The Passengers // John Marrs

    I’m disappointed. Seriously disappointed. Last year, I read The Good Samaritan by John Marrs and while it had some flaws (the second part was majorly dragging along at times), it was overall a good book with a thrilling and inventive…