If Darkness Takes Us // Brenda Marie Smith
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If Darkness Takes Us // Brenda Marie Smith

Bea Crenshaw is a grandmother, an environmentalist, almost 70 years old, and thrown into an apocalyptic scenario in which she has to take care of her four grandchildren. Luckily, Bea Crenshaw is also a prepper and has been setting up for the apocalypse for a few years already.

If Darkness Takes Us focuses completely on a neighbourhood somewhere in Texas that becomes shut off from the rest of the world – lacking electricity, there is no more broadcasting, and – apart from some occasional hearsay – we do not get to know much abut how (or if) the world is being run after the apocalyptic event.

The book was great! Although it felt a bit trodded out a few times in the middle, overall the pacing was just right, Bea as the main character and narrator was unique, entertaining, and a fresh take on dystopian storytelling, and I couldn’t put the book away.
I was interested in reading If Darkness Takes Us because I find dystopias fascinating, but also because I found the Texan origin intriguing: the book is a lot more progressive than I thought though, openly discussing sex, teen pregnancies, abortions, and religion.
I learnt a lot about prepping and what one would need to survive in the case of a disaster – and now I have the urge to stock up on everything in case a solar storm hits us.

I recently read Die letzten Kinder von Schewenborn, which has a similar premise, but, comparing the two, If Darkness Takes Us has much better execution: the characters are fleshed-out, there are more interesting plot lines, and the ending is heart-breaking and amazing.

Title: If Darkness Takes Us
Author: Brenda Marie Smith
First published: October 2019

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