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The Death of Mrs Westaway by Ruth Ware

A murder mystery, but not about the murder of Mrs Westaway. Harriet Westaway receives a letter from a solicitor informing her that she will inherit “something” from Mrs Westaway, an old, rich, dead lady, who is under the impression that Harriet is her granddaughter. Harriet, a struggling tarot reader who works on the pier, lives in a run-down flat, and is chased by a loan shark, knows that this must be a mistake but wants the money. Traveling to Trepassen House, the family home of the Westaways, results in many revelations, horror, and answered – and unanswered – questions.

The book was highly entertaining and I read it through quite quickly. However, many questions remained unanswered, some plot threads just ran loose and then into nothingness, and some of the characters’ decisions remain a mystery to me.

I did not hate this book, and, as I said, it gave me good entertainment for two afternoons, but it only gets a recommendation from me as light in-between reading.

Random tip: if you sign up for Ruth Ware’s book club, you can get a short story about Mrs Westaway (still alive in the short story).

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