I like reading books and I’ve always wanted to take notes on them so I can remember later what I liked or didn’t like. The problem: I’m terribly bad at keeping notes for myself, because I don’t really see the point of writing without sharing. Even when I wrote diaries as a kid, I did so thinking that other people should find them some day and read them.

At the moment, I am reading through all the countries in the world, one by one, in alphabetical order. I alternate this mission with readings from my never-ending and ever-growing to-be-read-list. How do I choose what to read next from that list? Simple: I go to a random-number-calculator, get a number, and count down my list from the top. I like good stories that either entertain me or make me philosophise about life, but I am not super-picky regarding genres.

I do not rate the books here (you can look at my Goodreads account for that) but rather try to keep all my thoughts about what I’m reading in one place.

If you want to know even more about me: I was born in 1990, I have a master’s degree in political science and cultural studies, I make music whenever I don’t read or work, I have lived in Germany, Turkey, Australia, and Denmark, and I’m currently residing close to Berlin next to the train lines (yes, I can hear them).