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August 2019: Book of the Month

My favourite August book!

I must honestly say that August was a rather disappointing reading month – while, in some months, I have difficulties choosing just one book for my list, this month was close to having no book on the list. While I enjoyed a few of the ones I read, a mere enjoyment, in the sense of being entertained, isn’t always enough for me to recommend a book to everyone, which is what this category is for.

The Books

  1. Schäfchen im Trockenen // Anke Stelling
  2. Life on a Rock // K.A. Albury
  3. A Skinful of Shadows // Frances Hardinge
  4. Titanlord // M.G. Darwish
  5. The Word is Murder // Anthony Horowitz
  6. Lajja: Shame // Taslima Nasrin
  7. Wolf unter Wölfen // Hans Fallada

The Winner

And the winner is…

Wolf unter Wölfen by Hans Fallada (English version available under the title Wolf among Wolves). Although the book is looooong, it kept me entertained throughout and it has some of the most interesting female characters I’ve read about in a while.

Wolf unter Wölfen // Hans Fallada
Wolf unter Wölfen // Hans Fallada

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