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Dancing Nude in the Moonlight by Joanne C. Hillhouse

Antigua and Barbuda! This time on my travels around the world in books, I have landed in the Carribbean, in a country consisting of two islands (and several smaller islands): Antigua and Barbuda. Image searching these islands gives me a serious longing for a nice long vacation during which I can lie on the beach, swim in the perfect ocean, and drink cocktails while staring at the sunset.

Enough of my daydreams though – I already learned in Albania that beautiful beaches in the image search are no guarantee for easy-living books. Joanne C. Hillhouse’s Dancing Nude in the Moonlight is a romance novel, which is as far away from my usual reading habits as Antigua and Barbuda is from my living quarters. But, I want to explore, and so I did.

The story of this book is told quickly: Michael is an Antiguan cricket trainer with the perfect body, the perfect manners, and just the right combination of manliness and tenderness. Serena is a Dominican immigrant who doesn’t speak much English (although this is only mentioned in the beginning of the book, none of the subsequent conversations seem to be a problem for her), and has the perfect “Anna Kournikova-body” although she just had a baby with a horrible sleazeball named Victor. Michael and Serena fall in love, their different heritages pose some difficulties, and so on.

This book is not badly written. I did not feel entertained, but I do not usually read romance novels exactly for the reason that they do not entertain me, so I don’t think I can judge this book properly.

My takeaway: romance novels are not up my literary alley.

Dancing Nude in the Moonlight by Joanne C. Hillhouse on Goodreads.


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