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Far Far Away by Tom McNeal

Alternating with reading books from all countries in the world in alphabetical order, I choose a random book from my to-be-read-list (with a little help from a random number generator). Sometimes, I end up with a book that I don’t even remember putting on that list. Like Far Far Away by Tom McNeal. The cover is horrendous, and the plot sounds weird but not very exciting (talking to the ghost of one of the Grimm brothers? Like, really?).

Anyway, sometimes I toss these books, but for some mysterious reason (probably the same wicked forces that made me put the book on the list in the first place) I decided to give it a go.

Let’s say it before everyone stops reading: Far Far Away made me laugh, made me cry my heart out, and made me hold my breath more than once. Or twice. Or… you get the idea. After about 10 pages, I had fallen in love with the writing and all the characters.

I will not say too much about the plot to not give away anything – it is about a boy, a girl, and a ghost, and maybe that doesn’t sound very interesting in the beginning, but Tom McNeal is a story-telling genius and Far Far Away is excellent. Once my tender little heart has recovered from aching for the boy, the girl, the ghost, and everyone else in Never Better, I will go and put everything else by Tom McNeal on my to-be-read-list.

Far Far Away on Goodreads.

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