Redemption in Indigo // Karen Lord
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Redemption in Indigo // Karen Lord

Magical realism at its finest.

Barbados! Have you ever noticed how many Carribbean countries’ names start with one of the first letters of the alphabet? I have already been to Antigua and Barbuda and The Bahamas and now I am adding Barbados to my list. Out of the Carribbean books I have read so far, Redemption in Indigo is definitely my favourite.

It starts with a retelling of the Senegalese folk tale ‘Ansige Karamba, the Glutton’ (which I haven’t read); only that the real protagonist is not Ansige but his wife, Paama. After Ansige leaves town out of shame, Paama is given the Chaos Stick, a magical object previously owned by Chance, the Indigo Lord. After some back and forth, the Indigo Lord finds Paama and tries to make her see that having power comes with making difficult and not always obvious decisions.

I loved Redemption in Indigo – it was entertaining and magical. The parts about the djombi – magical spirit beings – were super interesting and I would like to learn more about them, so if anyone has a tip on where to start looking, let me know. The world-building is excellent and colourful, Lord masterfully inserts magical and fantastical elements into a timeless surrounding. There are always just enough explanations, but mostly, the magic is just a given.
The narration follows traditional oral storytelling with an omniscient narrator who frequently addresses the reader directly. This was really neatly done.


Title: Redemption in Indigo
Author: Karen Lord
First published: 2010

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