The Nowhere Child by Christian White
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The Nowhere Child // Christian White

Australia! A child gets abducted in Kentucky but lives out her life peacefully with her supposed parents in Australia. Until her brother finds her – what follows is mystery, torture, a fundamentalist cult, and many weird new family members.

This was my choice of an Australian novel for my mission to read around the world – unfortunately for me, most of the story played out in Kentucky, with only some scenes (and those were quite run-off-the-mill) in Melbourne. I would still be interested to read something that includes a bit more of Australian lifestyle, culture, and landscape, so please let me know if you have any recommendations!

All in all, The Nowhere Child was quite entertaining, and definitely a good book to read by the pool (as I mostly did) but with a few cringey clichés (most of the fundamentalist men we meet are secretly gay? really?) and a story that could have been completely avoided if the protagonist had insisted on her step-dad telling her the truth instead of storming out without complaint when he “doesn’t want to talk about it”.

The twist in the end was okay, but at the point in the book when the big revelations started, I already felt a bit disconnected from the story because everything seemed so over the top. Do not read this if you have a fear of snakes! (Luckily, I don’t, but there are some very snakey scenes.)

Title: The Nowhere Child
Author: Christian White
First Published: 2019

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