• The Word is Murder // Anthony Horowitz
    EN,  Fiction

    The Word is Murder // Anthony Horowitz

    Diana Cowper plans her own funeral and is murdered a few hours later. Can this be a coincidence? Such is the premise of The Word is Murder, a murder mystery by Anthony Horowitz, starring an unlikeable ex-detective named Hawthorne and…

  • The Woman in White // Wilkie Collins
    EN,  Fiction

    The Woman in White // Wilkie Collins

    A few years ago, back when Project Gutenberg was still accessible in Germany, I was on vacation and devoured Wilkie Collins’ The Moonstone. I loved the drama and suspense and British society of that book so much that I put…

  • Der Gärtner war's nicht // Tatjana Kruse
    DE,  Fiction

    Der Gärtner war’s nicht // Tatjana Kruse

    Manchmal braucht man etwas leichtes zum Lesen – das habe ich schon oft gehört, nur leider finde ich das meiste, was andere so als “leichte Lesekost” bezeichnen, recht dröge und uninteressant. Das Ebook von Tatjana Kruses Der Gärtner war’s nicht…

  • The Nowhere Child by Christian White
    EN,  Fiction

    The Nowhere Child // Christian White

    Australia! A child gets abducted in Kentucky but lives out her life peacefully with her supposed parents in Australia. Until her brother finds her – what follows is mystery, torture, a fundamentalist cult, and many weird new family members. This…

  • EN,  Fiction

    The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

    I rarely read bestselling or hot new novels, but for some reason, I decided to read The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides, which is the talk of the day right now. The premise of the book is this: Alicia Berenson…

  • EN,  Fiction

    Far Far Away by Tom McNeal

    Alternating with reading books from all countries in the world in alphabetical order, I choose a random book from my to-be-read-list (with a little help from a random number generator). Sometimes, I end up with a book that I don’t…

  • EN,  Fiction

    The Death of Mrs Westaway by Ruth Ware

    A murder mystery, but not about the murder of Mrs Westaway. Harriet Westaway receives a letter from a solicitor informing her that she will inherit “something” from Mrs Westaway, an old, rich, dead lady, who is under the impression that…